WordPress Tip #1: Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

Posted on 26 Dec 2011 in Wordpress Tips | 0 comments

WordPress has a whole arsenal of SEO Plugins. My favorite is the All In One SEO Pack. This plugin offers ease of Meta Description, Title and Keyword optimization. Although it has limited functionality, it greatly increases the accessibility to such tags.  Simply add the desired meta information into the fields for each post, and the meta info is automatically added to each post and page!

Remember, even though this is a great plugin for meta updating, it barely scratches the service of the optimal implementation of Search Engine Optimization techniques. My advice to you is to install the plugin, give it a shot and if you wish to optimize your site to the max, give your local webmaster a call at 760-500-2742!

Also, Grant Kimball has created a simple plugin for the optimization of H1 tags. You may check that out here: SEO HTML Headers also check out our wordpress services.


Stay tuned for more free wordpress and website maintenance tips! If you would like to use Your Local Webmaster for your wordpress service needs contact us or find out more.